Pa's Lam System



―Pa's Lam System(パズラムシステム)―

神奈川県在住の3 人組トラックメーカーユニット。
2012 年よりハイクオリティーかつ、キャッチーなダンスミュージックをジャンルを横断しながら制作し続けている。2014 年5 月にフリーダウンロードでリリースされた楽曲「I’ mComing」は国内のDJ だけでなく、海外のDJ 達にも広がり高い評価を得た。
Porter Robinson といったポストEDM トラックメイカーによるサポート、BBCRadio1 をはじめとする国内外有名ラジオ局での放送や、Skrillex 傘下のWEB メディアNESTHQ、世界中に影響力を持つアメリカのインディ系音楽情報Pitchfork といった各種メディアでも紹介されるなど、日本を拠点としながらもグローバルな注目を集めている。

―Pa’sLam System―

Pa’s Lam System is a three man track making team from the Kanagawa prefecture in Japan. In fall of 2012 Sasakino Records released their debut, Space Calamari. Since that initial release they have expanded their range of activities. December 2012 they released the “b00mb0x EP” on Maltine Records, and later in 2013 they released “Virus Window” on the same label featuring artwork from Japanese graphic designer GraphersRock. They once again teamed up with Maltine Records in 2014 to release “I’m Coming”, which featured remixes from a group of highly talented producers.
Pa’s Lam System’s style hops along a wide range of genres, always with the focus of producing the highest quality dance music. This has led to them receiving support from world class DJs like Ryan Hemsworth, Porter Robinson, Ultrademon, and XXYYXX. Their tracks have also been played on dance music radio shows worldwide, including BBC Radio 1. Their attention continues to grow overseas thanks to recognition from Skrillex’s NEST HQ music blog and major music websites like Pitchfork.