1stアルバム「BABYMETAL」が全米ビルボード総合チャートにランクイン、同年夏からは初のワールドツアーを行い、イギリスの大型フェス 「Sonisphere Festival UK」ではメインステージに登場し6万5千人の観衆を集め、アメリカではレディー・ガガの北米ツアー 5公演のサポートアクトに抜擢される。
2016年4月、2ndアルバム「METAL RESISTANCE」リリース。日本人として53年ぶりに全米ビルボード総合チャートTOP40にランクイン。同月に英・ウェンブリーアリーナにて日本人初となるワンマンライブを、9月にはワールドツアーファイナルとなる東京ドーム2DAYSを開催し11万人を動員。さらには、RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS、METALLICA、GUNS NROSES、KORNのツアーサポートを行う。2019年6月、世界最大規模の音楽フェス「Glastonbury Festival」に出演。同年10月、LA・THE FORUMにてアメリカで初のアリーナワンマンライブを開催、同日に3rdアルバム「METAL GALAXY」を世界同時リリース。全米ビルボード総合チャートでは13位を、Rockアルバムチャートではアジア人初となる1位を獲得。英・アルバム総合チャートでもTOP20ランクイン、ロック・メタル部門で日本人初の1位獲得など、世界各国へと活躍の幅を広げている。自身過去最長のワールドツアーを経て、2020年1月には日本追加公演を幕張メッセ・国際展示場にて開催し、3rdアルバム「METAL GALAXY」の世界を再現。結成10年となる2020年、BABYMETAL初となるベストアルバム「10 BABYMETAL YEARS」を12月にリリース。2021年1月から4月にかけて4ヶ月連続でBABYMETAL史上初の日本武道館10公演ワンマンライブ「10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN」を開催。9月29日に結成10周年イヤーのフィナーレを飾る作品としてBlu-ray, DVD & LIVE ALBUM「10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN」をリリース。

BABYMETAL was formed in 2010. In March 2014, they took the stage at Nippon Budokan for a 2-day gig, making them the youngest female act to perform there. Their 1st studio album BABYMETAL instantly made it to the US Billboard charts. They embarked on their first world tour, performing on the main stage at UK’s prodigious festival Sonisphere Festival 2014 in front of 65,000 festival goers and supporting Lady Gaga on her ArtRave: The Artpop Ball 2014 Tour.
In April 2016, BABYMETAL had a simultaneous global release for their 2nd album METAL RESISTANCE. They became the highest-charting Japanese band ever on UK’s Official Albums Chart, landing at No. 15th. They also reached the 39th spot on its debut on the U.S. Billboard, becoming the first album by a Japanese artist to break into the chart’s top 40 in more than 53 years. On April 2nd, BABYMETAL performed at the prestigious Wembley Arena in the UK, becoming the first Japanese artist to ever headline at the venue. They completed their world tour in September at the Tokyo Dome for a consecutive 2 days with over 110,000 people to witness the massive tour final. They have also performed as special guests in various international locations for the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, METALLICA, GUNS N’ ROSES, and KORN.
In 2019, BABYMETAL flew to the UK to perform at Glastonbury Festival. On October 11th, BABYMETAL had their worldwide release of their 3rd album METAL GALAXY and on that same day, they had their first U.S. headlining arena show at The Forum in Los Angeles, California.
“METAL GALAXY” ranked No.13 on the US Billboard Top 200 (Albums Chart) and ranked No.1 on the Top Rock Albums Chart for the first time ever as an Asian artist. In the UK Official Charts, the album consecutively ranked in the Official Albums Chart Top 20 from their previous album and ranked No.1 on the Rock & Metal Albums Chart for the first time in history as a Japanese artist.
After finishing their longest world tour of their history, they performed at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall in January 2020 for consecutive 2 days as their extra show of their world tour in Japan, and restaged the world of their 3rd album “METAL GALAXY”.
In commemoration of their 10th anniversary, they released their first Greatest Hits album
10 BABYMETAL YEARS in December. During January to April 2021, BABYMETAL performed 10 headline shows at the prestigious Nippon Budokan. On September 29th they released their Blu-ray, DVD & LIVE ALBUM 10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN as their final live film to celebrate their 10th anniversary and only the FOX GOD knows what the future will hold.